Ventus has developed solid project management methodologies that provide Nearshore clients with real-time status on their project's progress. Ventus complements these methodologies with an even more solid commitment to reaching project objectives.
Through experience, Ventus has found that sitting down with clients and clearly defining project parameters makes all the difference. Not only are projects completed on time, but clients understand what the final result will look like before the first line of code is written.
Our proximity to the U.S. allows Ventus to deploy resources onsite, when required, in order to ensure project success. This allows Ventus to integrate its processes with your company's processes and minimize risks associated with application integration and other challenges.
Examples of some of the Software Development projects Ventus can execute for your company:
  Rich client (desktop/mobile) applications.
  Fully functional web-enabled versions of the existing business applications.
  Corporate intranet systems for business process and workflow automation.
  Web-enabled databases with client-server or n-tier architecture.
  Mobile application development.
Development Tools: Competences:
  C# .NET   .Web Services
  ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET   Net Remoting
  SOAP   COM Interop
  Visual Basic 6.0, VBA   COM +
Databases: Architectures:
  MS SQL Server   .N-tier
  Oracle   .Client / Server
  My SQL      
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